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We use cookies and similar technologies for various purposes on our websites and in our email communications in order to provide quality services and optimize your experience as a customer. This policy describes the categories of cookies we use, how they are used and how you can change your settings.

It explains the technologies we use to collect information about the use of our websites and of our email communications. These technologies are used by almost every website and are included in almost every email message sent over the Internet. They are known as »cookies« and »web beacons.« 


A cookie is a small packet of data that often contains a unique identifier. Cookies may be sent to your browser when you visit our websites. They are stored by your browser on your device.

Some cookies are only stored for the duration of your visit to a website. These cookies are so-called session cookies. Other, persistent cookies may continue to be stored on your computer after your visit, and our websites may access them each time you revisit our websites.

Some cookies that are stored when you visit our websites may be stored and accessed by other companies. Here are some examples: Where a »Like« button or similar button is displayed on one of our websites, the corresponding social network may store and retrieve its own cookies, both to ensure that the button is functioning properly and for other purposes. For more information, please see the social network’s privacy/cookie policy.
Where we use advertising partners, those advertising partners may store and retrieve their own cookies so that we and they can send you advertisements about PERFORMANCE ONE products and services that you have viewed on our websites.



We use essential cookies to enable you to receive the services you request through our website. Without these cookies, we cannot provide the services you have requested.
For example, we may use these cookies on our website for the following purposes: Saving your previous actions (such as filling out an online form) when you return to a page during a session.


We use performance cookies to collect information about how our website, promotional efforts and email messages are used and to notify us if an error occurs. These cookies can be used to collect very detailed information. This includes the most recently visited website,
the number of pages visited, whether or not messages were opened, which areas of the website or email messages are clicked on, and the time intervals between clicks. Although this information may be associated with details such as your IP address and domain or browser information, it is only aggregated with information from other users and is not used in a way that could identify you directly.
For example, we may use these cookies on our websites for the following purposes:
Analyzing and improving the performance of our websites, advertisements and email communications.
Managing the performance and design of our websites.
Determining the number of responses to our advertisements in order to improve the effectiveness of our advertisements.
Analyzing errors on our websites to minimize complaints about areas of activity and services and administration.


We may access redirect cookies that are sent to your device from the websites of our business partners. These cookies are used to determine when our business partners redirect someone to our website and whether or not that person’s visit results in interest in one of our areas of activity. We may share this information with our business partners, but only in an anonymous form and not in such a way that you are directly identifiable.

We use this information to fulfill our contractual obligations to our business partners and to help our business partners optimize the efficiency of their websites.


We may use functionality cookies, which are not strictly necessary but enable several helpful features on our website.
For example, we may use these cookies on our website for the following purposes:
Saving the settings you have selected on a previous visit to the website, for example, country/language, your interests, and the presentation of the website (for example, layout, font size, colors, etc.) so that you do not have to select them again.
Saving responses to questions you have been asked by our websites, for example, that you do not wish to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, so that you are not asked again or that you have already seen and actively closed communications.
Determining whether you have already been offered a service, such as live chat, or providing information on the use of optional services, such as webinars.


Targeting or advertising cookies may be used on our website to provide advertisements and to notify you of marketing communications relevant to you and your interests. These cookies may collect detailed information about your usage patterns on our website (for example, which areas of activity you clicked on). These cookies may also be used to recognize you when you visit the website again.
For example, we may use these cookies on our website for the following purposes:
Collecting information about which areas of activity you have clicked on our website, so that
a) PERFORMANCE ONE can provide you with content, recommendations and advertisements on its websites that are of interest to you. And, so that b) PERFORMANCE ONE can more effectively personalize and target emails and other direct marketing
Determining and limiting how often you see an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
These cookies may be stored and accessed by PERFORMANCE ONE.


Your visit to our website may result in some cookies being stored that are not controlled by PERFORMANCE ONE. This may be the case if third-party analytics or marketing automation/management tools are used on the website you are visiting (such as those provided by Google and Facebook) or if content from a third-party website, such as YouTube or Facebook, is displayed. This will result in you receiving cookies from these third parties.
PERFORMANCE ONE may not have control over the storage and access of these cookies. To learn how these third parties use cookies, you should review the privacy and cookie policies of these services.


Web beacons, also known as single pixel/clear gif technology or action tags, may be used on our website or in our email communications. This technology tells us which visitors have clicked on key elements (such as links or graphics) on a web page or in an email. If you request promotional information or a newsletter from us, we may use web beacons to track which emails are actually opened. We use this information to optimize our content, services and communications.
Web beacons typically work with cookies and can be turned off by disabling cookies (as described in the previous section). Some email programs and browsers can also be configured to not automatically download images. This also prevents web beacons from working until you download the images.